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Ecobee African Natural Products was founded in Zambia ‘The Heart of Africa’, out of an intense desire to make a tangible impact in nature conservation and the protection of our natural world.  

The Ethos behind our company is to combat the decline of the bee population, fight deforestation, poaching and Human Elephant conflict through education and upliftment of the rural communities. We aim to provide the highest quality of honey while spreading awareness for the NGO’s working within Zambia and Africa.

Challenges we face

Declining bee population

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Albert Einstein

The bee population the world over is in steady decline and has even dropped 37.7% between the 1st of October 2018 and the 1st of April 2019 (data from the Bee informed partnership). This decline is manly due to industrial agriculture (parasites/ pathogens), climate change and the loss of biodiversity through monoculture farming and pesticides. This is a massive concern for the Earth’s continued existence as we know it as bees are our main pollinators.

Poaching of wildlife

Poaching in Africa has long been known to be the main cause of the rapid decline in our majestic wild life. While this illegal industry is funded by large international networks, the “dirty work” of actually going out into the field to poach is outsourced to the locals living in the surrounding areas of the national parks. This is extremely dangerous work for the locals and is only accepted due to lack of income needed to support their families. Ecobee aims to replace this with income generated from bee keeping along the GMA boundaries.


Deforestation the world over is one of the leading reasons for our climate change.  Zambia’s rate of deforestation is the highest in Africa and 5th globally. An average of 250 000 – 300 000 hectares of forest are lost each year. Charcoal production is the leading cause of this shocking statistic. Ecobee is committed to finding alternative sources of energy to curb this fatal trend.

Deforestation for crops

Land clearing for agricultural crops such as maize is also a large threat to the natural Miombo forests in Zambia. The fact is that bee keeping is a more lucrative vocation for the local communities and through the pollination provided by the bees, it will encourage the regrowth of natural forests. The more trees, the more food for bees, the more food for the bees the more honey produced, the higher the yield for the rural farmers; and so the earth provides…

Substandard and adulterated honey

Honey is one of Earths many natural wonders! In its natural form, it has many medicinal properties for healing as well as digestive health. Unfortunately, finding 100% natural honey in today’s shopping centers is near impossible.

Ecobee guarantees that the end product is not only healthy for nature and conservation, but is 100% raw, unadulterated honey with all the bioflavonoids and enzymes fully in tact.


Ecobee is systematically rolling out a training programs for the rural farmers to assist in more efficient hive construction and management. This will yield higher income for the communities and further encourage bee keeping as a viable business model for them. 

Ecobee promotes the use of the Topbar hive over the traditional hives, as the management, harvesting and maintenance processes are easier. This method has also proved less disruptive for the bees during harvest season. 


Ecobee has partnered with Game Rangers International in their amazing work rearing and releasing orphaned elephants back into the wild. We will be working closely with them to decrease the effects of human elephant conflict and spread the message of the importance of the preservation of our wildlife. Support GRI by visiting their site below. 


Ecobee has formed partnerships with Distributors who are like minded and have nature conservation top of mind within our business ventures together. 

Bee Eco (PTY) LTD
South Africa
Ying Yao International trading (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.

Areas of operation

Based in Lusaka, Ecobee has a wide reach over much of Zambia from Central province to the Western and North West provinces.

Want to be part of the change?

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